Private Lessons

Private lessons are available only for Beginners 
(aged 10+) and Achiever Graduates from group classes.

Students are able to participate in the Bunbury Eisteddfod and sit ANZCA or AMEB exams each year if desired.


$36.00 per 30 minute lesson - Teachers: Liane, Shaun or Judy (paid by the term)
$27.50 per 30 minute lesson - Teachers: Mackenzie (paid by the term)

Additional Costs-

*Materials are provided by the teacher. The material fee is $60.00 per year, charged at the start of the year, and covers all books, studio licensed copies and other legal downloaded sheet music as required.

*Insurance Contribution fee $3.00 per term

Limited vacancies exist for private lessons see below:

Liane - no vacancies at present

Judy - no vacancies at present

Shaun - no vacancies at present

Mackenzie - Tues 8.00am, Thurs 8.00am, Thurs 6.30pm