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for Kindy children:

This program aims to develop all aspects of early music fundamentals for the Kindy aged child including the use of tuned percussion instruments and keyboard orientation.

Lessons include:

*Singing songs, rhymes and solfege

*Listening and imitating both pitch and rhythm

*Percussion playing (tuned and untuned)

*Movement, Dance and Gesture to 

internalize beat

*Music Games and Improvisation for 

fun and creativity

*Reading both pitch and rhythm notation

*Ensemble playing to work in a group and listen to others

*Weekly Worksheet to reinforce early musical concepts and assist in fine motor development

*Learning to work in a group with streamers, rainbow ring and parachute

Classes are 45 minutes long and have a maximum of 10 children per group.

Children can progress to our Junior Piano programme

Classes are held subject to minimum numbers being met.


 Classes for 2024:

Monday 11.00am (5 places left)


$21.00 per 45 minute class (paid by the term)


Additional Costs-

*Pre-Keys book/cd $45.00 (each semester)

*Insurance Contribution fee $4.00per term 

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