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For 7-10 year old children:

Primary Course: Year 2-4 at commencement

(no prior knowledge or experience required)

This 18 month, two level course uses the "Encore" series and is a comprehensive, fun programme.

The Primary Course provides the opportunity for students to experience and play all styles of music with the assistance of modern backing tracks.

The classes involve piano/keyboard tuition, together with rhythmic training using percussion instruments, singing, notation and rhythmic reading, harmony, aural awareness, theory and music appreciation.

Our classes have a maximum of 10 students, grouped according to age. Each student is provided with a digital piano for use in the classroom.

Students who successfully complete the Primary Series advance to the Achiever Series.

Students must have a piano/digital piano/keyboard for home practice.

Classes are held subject to minimum numbers being met.


Classes starting Term One 2024

No new places available until Term One, 2025 


$26.00 per 45 minute class (paid by the term)


Additional Costs-

*Primary book/cd $45.00 (lasts for three terms)

*Insurance Contribution fee $4.00 per term



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