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"We enrolled the girls at the ages of 4 and 5 into Dalyellup Music Academy. Our intention was to give them an opportunity to learn piano, have a bit of an introduction to music, have some fun with other little ones and to just see where it led. Now, over 4 years later, both my girls are still with the music school and still loving each and every music lesson. They have thrived learning in the group environment where they look forward to interacting with their classmates in all the fun class activities as well as regular opportunities to play and perform both with and for other young musicians and their parents. This has ensured two confident girls come Concert and Eisteddfod time. Thank you for encouraging a love and passion for playing music. I have no doubt my home will be filled with their music making for many more

years to come."

Belinda - Dalyellup

"My son has been having piano lessons at the Dalyellup Music Academy for the past five years and absolutely loves it! The lessons are full of fun. He goes in to the lesson with a big smile and comes out with an even bigger one. He loves having his "End of Year Concert" to aim for.

Christine - Eaton

"Both my children have been participating in the Dalyellup Music Academy programs for a number of years now and I have been nothing but happy with the musical education, support and encouragement that we have received. The pre-school programs are a wonderful introduction to music with the children learning through games, singing and fun. The Piano course which follows is a wonderful, comprehensive music program, which isn't just about learning to read music and play a piano. It allows the children to learn how to use their ears, sing, appreciate all types of music and perform in a safe, fun and social group environment. The DMA staff are friendly, encouraging and supportive to both students and parents, always willing to discuss any questions that you may have. My children have not only learned to play the piano they have learned to enjoy music, be supportive of their class mates and be comfortable with performing. I would recommend Dalyellup Music Academy to anyone looking for a comprehensive music and piano education for their child."

Stacey - Gelorup

"I always recommend Dalyellup Music School to everyone I know without any hesitation. Both my young boys age 9 and 7 are enrolled in their piano program. The teachers are exceptional. They bring their vast knowledge and experience to make each class enjoyable. Not only do my boys learn to play a piece , but listening skills, understanding rhythm , musical appreciation , reading and singing the music notes are all included in the lesson. The program has boosted their confidence to play in public , through playing pieces in front of a class audience and through participating in the Eisteddfod. I like their teaching approach as it is well structured and disciplined, without being boring!!"

Catherine - Dalyellup

"My son has been attending the Dalyellup Music Academy since he was four years old.

The amazing friendships he has formed with fellow musicians and teachers are hands down the most important outside those of his immediate family. The friends he has made here will remain with him for his lifetime.

Confidence, maturity, respect, consideration, concentration along with the obvious benefits of pursuing music in all of its intricacies are some of the personal qualities he demonstrates that can be directly attributed to his music commitment. My son loves his teachers.

He loves playing for the pleasure of it each day and loves to perform. He has no fear of a large stage, a huge or small theatre, a solo or a group piece where he is responsible for his own performance. These are abilities and skills that will follow him all of his student and adult life and help him relate to others, both work colleagues and complete strangers.

My husband and I are very happy to have given him one of the most enriching experiences that he will carry with him, unconsciously and passionately through his life.

Music is a passion he can lose himself in when the world is turbulent or a comfort in a conflicting time...most of all it is FUN.

These awesome children have fun, they love coming to class, they love to practice...there is no down side to the commitment your child makes...if they love music and wish to learn...this school is the best place for them to learn and make that connection to music that will last a life time."

Raelene - Dalyellup

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