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1. All enrolments are by the term and fees are to be paid in full on or before the first day of the term. Any fees that are not paid by the due date on the invoice may incur a $15.00 late payment administration surcharge or the student's enrolment in the class may be cancelled.

2. Student books and CDs/mp3 downloads are an expense additional to the fees and an essential requirement of the course. Second hand books may be used with the exception of theory books.

3. Should your child miss a lesson, group or private, for any reason, no refund of fees will be made. Please contact the office to make arrangements for long term illness. Lessons missed due to early holidays, school camps, parties, change of mind, dance lessons etc are charged at full fee. Make-up classes are only available if another class is at the same stage in the book and the class is not full. Seesaw videos and support is provided to assist with practice and in the event of Covid isolation etc.

4. Enrolment to the next term is automatic so should you wish to discontinue your child’s music tuition at DMA, a minimum of four (4) weeks notice must be given to the school office before the new term begins. No refund will apply if students do not complete the full term.

5. A parent/guardian is required to participate in the lessons held in the mornings. Parent attendance in the afternoon/evening, whilst desirable, is optional.

6. Siblings can only attend week-day morning classes not afternoon classes. Whilst we allow siblings in the class, we do expect parents to be mindful of others in the class and take the child outside the classroom if unsettled or crying. Siblings are not to wander around the classroom or touch the classroom resources. Please be aware that we cannot include the sibling in the class activities.

7. Students are not allowed to leave the premises without an accompanying parent/guardian. Whilst this may be inconvenient, our duty of care requires this.

8. No food or drink is to be brought onto the premises, with the exception of baby bottles and water bottles. 

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