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DMA Annual Concert December Sat 9th, 2023

Press here for the Concert Programme


Time-table 2024:

Baby Beat - Mon 9.00am

Treble Tots - Mon 9.30am

Bass Beats - Mon 10.15am

Pre-Keys - 11.00am

Junior One - Tues 4.15pm, Wed 3.30pm, Thurs 3.30pm

Junior Three - Mon 4.15pm, Tues 3.30pm

Primary One - Mon 3.30pm, Thurs 3.30pm,

Primary Two - Mon 5.00pm, Wed 4.15pm, Thurs 5.00pm

Achiever One - Tues 5.00pm, Wed 5.00pm

Achiever Two - Tues 6.00pm, Wed 6.00pm

Achiever Three - Mon 6.00pm, Thurs 6.00pm

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